Practicing Mindfulness with Wabi Living

Practicing Mindfulness with Wabi Living

Over the past few years I’ve learned the importance of mindfulness and how vital it is for a happy and fulfilling approach and attitude to life. We live in an increasingly connected world and with many of us now experiencing constant zoom calls in our own homes, it can be hard to switch off when we are constantly bombarded with information and communication and the lines between home and office have been blurred. 

Wabi Living was born following a trip to Japan in 2019. Exploring Japan it was clear that whilst the cities are quite intense 24/7 affairs and the Japanese people generally have a very strong work ethic, in the background there is an underlying spirituality that you can feel throughout the whole country. Take the practice of Shinrin-yoku for example, the Japanese art of "forest bathing". No its not taking a bath in a forest, but simply surrounding yourself by nature and trees, the sounds of the forest and being consciously mindful and calm. Countless scientific studies have shown the importance of being surrounded by nature and trees, and the practice of bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses is widely accepted as having tangible therapeutic value.

And this is why we have created a range of fragrance blends with an attention to mindfulness, connecting to nature and exploring more peaceful moments. Inspired by influential journeys throughout Japan, seeking out tea houses, temples, nature and the forest – each of the fragrances are perfect for creating your own area of zen, a little "me time" and for taking a break from our otherwise hectic lives. 

Take our Chado 茶道 (The Way of Tea) blend, which is inspired by the scents and tastes of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony practiced by zen monks to gain inner peace. Onsen 温泉 (Japanese Hot Spring) is a wonderfully soothing spa-time fragrance inspired by the natural springs heated by volcanic activity, to connect you to nature and relax and rejuvenate the mind. And Sakura 桜 (Japanese Cherry Blossom) will transport you to the springtime gardens of Japan where the sudden bloom of the cherry blossom trees, that may only last a few days, signifies the impermanence of life and importance of living in the moment.

Feedback from customers has been wonderful and we love hearing how people enjoy lighting one of our Wabi Living candles at the end of the day and are able to create a totally different vibe and atmosphere. Just by adding a relaxing scent to the room and changing the lighting and ambience, your mood can alter and it allows you to de-stress after a long day. It just takes a tiny change and I hope that the products that I create and sell at Wabi Living will help people to attain this.

You can read more about the inspiration behind each of our fragrance blends on the “Shop by Scent” section of our website. If you'd like to try any of our scent blends before you buy a product, then each scent is available in a Sample Wax Melt or alternatively you can purchase all of the scent blends as part of our Wax Melt Sample Set.

Victoria x

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