Shinrin-yoku 森林浴 - what is it and why it inspired our new fragrance

Shinrin-yoku 森林浴 - what is it and why it inspired our new fragrance

This year we have taken inspiration from nature for our Limited Edition Festive Candle to bring you a beautiful fresh and woody fragrance inspired by the Japanese art of "forest bathing" and the ambiance of the forest. But what is Shinrin-yoku / forest bathing, how do you do it and why did we choose it as an inspiration for this year’s candle?

Shinrin-yoku, translated into English means “forest bathing”, and is a form of ecotherapy that was developed in Japan during the 1980s. It has since become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Scientists have studied the physiological benefits of forest bathing and have provided the science to support what we perhaps instinctively know, that time spent immersed in nature is good for us.

Shinrin-yoku forest bathing

So how do you practice Shinrin-yoku yourself?

  • Leave behind your goals and expectations and free yourself of all distractions by turning off your phone so that you can be fully present in the experience.
  • Don’t think or plan, instead wander aimlessly and allow your body to take you wherever it wants. Stop and pause to take in the environment, look more closely at the forest floor, the bark on the trees or notice the sensation of the path beneath your feet.
  • Find a comfy spot to take a seat and listen to the sounds around you. Notice the rustling of the leaves, the creaking of the branches. Feel the sensations of the air against your skin and observe the behaviour of the birds and other animals as they become used to your presence.
  • Resist talking until the end of the experience and reflect on how you feel once home to encourage the pervasive sense of bliss to linger. 

It is also possible to have a more structured experience where you can join trained guides for a meditative two or three hour ecotherapy excursion. There are numerous locations in Japan as well as other countries throughout the world including New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.   

Shinrin-yoku candle

We love the outdoors and like to think of being out in nature as being similar to our daily allocation of fruit and veg. It is also why so many of our candle fragrances are based on scents from nature and the explorations throughout Japan; to transport us back to that nourishing time outdoors.

We spend a lot of time outside in a forest near to us with our dogs and it got us thinking about the benefits of nature, being more mindful when we are out in the natural environment and to consciously connect with what’s around us. This provided the inspiration for this year’s festive fragrance and to create something that reflects the ambience of the forest and that peaceful state that can be attained out in nature.

What we have created is a beautifully fresh and woody fragrance where scents of earthy wood and moss are combined with the aroma of pine needles and pine cones. We absolutely love this blend and think you will do too. It’s perfect for the festive season and will complement your Christmas trees and festive decorations wonderfully. The candle launches 19:00 on Thursday 4 November 2021 and will be available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out on getting yours whilst it’s available. 

Finally, we decided to create a short film of our experiences in the forest and practicing Shinrin-yoku ourselves. We hope you enjoy it and hope you can get find some inspiration to try it for yourself this winter.



Limited Edition Soy Wax Candle available from 19:00 4 November 2021 whilst stocks last.

Shinrin-yoku 森林浴 – “Forest Bathing”

Scent Category: Wood + Musk

Approx. 35 hour burn time



Visit the Shinrin-yoku product page here.

Photography + words by Michael Whitaker

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