“Wabi” is seeking balance, quiet satisfaction and finding beauty in nature and everyday surroundings. “Sabi” refers to internal calm, peace and contentment. Together, Wabi-Sabi can be adopted as a world-view, an aesthetic and a way of life. It motions you to relax, be mindful and find tranquillity in your environment.

Wabi Living design and sell a range of products to inspire your daily rituals, create an aesthetic in your home and live a more content, calm and balanced Wabi-Sabi lifestyle.

We produce hand-poured candles and fragrances in small-batches in our studio in the North of England. All of our fragrance blends are inspired by the raw scents of explorations throughout Japan, the influential journeys exploring temples, tea houses and connecting with nature and the forest. When you bring these scents into your home you set your intention to reconnect with your spirit and create a small area of zen away from the busy outside world.

We are committed and passionate about preserving the world we live in and focus on being as eco-conscious as we can, using natural sustainable materials where possible. All of our packaging is plastic free, biodegradable and reusable.​