Inspired by Japan. Created in the UK.

Wabi Living is inspired by the ancient Japanese aesthetic and philosophy of Wabi-Sabi.

“Wabi” is seeking balance, quiet satisfaction and finding beauty in nature and everyday surroundings. “Sabi” refers to internal calm, peace and contentment. Together, Wabi-Sabi can be adopted as a world-view, an aesthetic and a way of life. It motions you to relax, be mindful and find tranquillity in your environment.

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Another way to fragrance your home...

Ceramic Wax Burner

Hand + Body

Beautifully presented in Wabi-style amber bottles, our luxurious aromatic Hand Wash will leave your hands feeling soft, cleansed and rejuvenated. 

Pair with a matching Hand + Body Lotion to complete your self care ritual and leave your skin feeling moisturised and softly scented.

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Hand-packed with care in eco-conscious packaging.

All of the packaging we use to ship your orders is 100% plastic free, biodegradable, reusable and/or recyclable.

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